Changing the world, one bag at a time.

Custom reusable shopping bags for the promotional and retail markets

Since 2007, Oceos has been an innovator in wholesale manufacturing of customized, sustainable and reusable bags. Today, we’ve gone a step farther and only offer products that make a positive impact on the earth and society.

The Oceos Advantage

Re: use scarce raw materials

Re: vive local economies in 3rd world countries

Re: duce our carbon footprint with sustainable raw materials

Re: pair the earth by cleaning up the ocean beaches and waterways

Re: store dignity to the most vulnerable workers

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags serve a greater purpose than simply toting products. They have the potential to broadcast your company’s communications and marketing messages, positioning your brand’s core values and key differentiators to potential customers.

We offer sustainable packaging solutions that signal your corporate identity, reminding customers why they enjoy doing business with your company. Imagine the countless impressions that your company will receive as your customers tote your bags with a purpose. Our wholesale reusable tote bags are an innovative way to signal your brand values while advertising key messages, at very little cost.

Here’s how it works.

✓ All our bags use sustainably sourced materials

✓ Rely on the highest-quality manufacturing while
 ensuring the highest social and safety standards

✓ We’re committed to making a positive impact on the world

Environmental stewardship & quality go hand in hand.

Our top priority is to make a difference. The typical manufacturing process consumes a large amount of raw materials and takes a huge toll on the environment.

Oceos is different. Our bags are made from sustainable raw materials like hemp, jute and plastic recovered from our beaches and waterways. Taking social responsibility a step further, we support the people who source these raw materials and make our products by paying them a fair wage.

We’re equally committed to delivering exceptional products and customer service.

Corporate responsibility based on eliminating poverty and pollution

How we operate
Conduct regular audits
Incorporate fair work practices
Utilize block chain in third world countries where our supplies are sourced
Meet international labor and standards and pay

Trusted by the biggest names around the globe

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We built our company on a deep commitment to delivering great products and exceptional service.